Why Cash Flow is the Lifeblood of any Business


It does not matter what type of company you run getting your cash flow right is vital. Every year, tens of thousands of firms go out of business simply because they run out of money. Sometimes, these companies are actually profitable entities.

Often, they only go bankrupt because they do not have money coming in fast enough to cover wages and other bills. In many cases, this gap in funds could be bridged by chasing outstanding invoices, or delaying major purchases or taking other action.

The importance of keeping good accounts

For this reason, spotting cash flow issues quickly is essential if you want to stay in business. Realising that you are coming up to a period of time where you will have plenty of work, but not enough cash to buy the raw materials to fulfil those orders, is important. If you recognise this fact early, it gives you the chance to contact someone like Reuben Singh Isher Capital, and secure the finance you need.

Of course, borrowing the funds will cost you money, but it will ensure that you stay in business and continue to make a profit. Good financial planning is an essential skill for an entrepreneur.

Using profit and loss reports

Keeping up to date accounts enables you to generate regular profit and loss reports. This allows you to work out which products or services you offer that are making a profit enabling you can focus on promoting those. It also means that you can spot those lines that are losing you money, so that you can decide whether to put the price up or drop them from your range.

If you are a business owner that currently does not review their accounts and check for cash flow issues, we hope this article will help you see the wisdom of starting to do so.

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