Who Were the Greatest Salespeople to Ever Close a Deal?

Working in a sales environment can be tough. This is a demanding sort of role in which it is easy to lose confidence in your own ability if things start going wrong.

However, perhaps you can inspire yourself by checking out a list of the greatest and most successful salespeople ever. Not all of them went about their work in the most ethical way possible but they still show us enough pointers to help us sell more in the future.

Joe Girard Sold Over 13,000 Cars in 15 Years

You might never have heard of him but Joe Girard is in the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest salesperson the world has ever seen. He sold cars for Chevrolet from 1963 through to 1978 and racked up an astonishing 13,001 sales in that time. His average over that time was 6 new car sales every single day, with his best day seeing him sell 18. In his most productive month he sold an amazing 174 vehicles. Can you imagine having someone like that in your sales team? So what was his secret? Simply put, he went the extra mile to make sure that he treated people well so that that they would go back to him and send him referrals. If you still don’t get the sales you need doing this then maybe you need to use field marketing services to find out what more needs done.

George C. Parker Sold New York Landmarks

While Joe Girard had an admirable work ethic and sales system, George Parker took a different approach to using his sales skills. Famous as one of the most outrageous con men ever, Parker sold off public landmarks in New York to the gullible. While his activities were clearly illegal, it is hard not to admire the audacity with which he closed deals to sell the likes of Madison Square Garden, the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. In fact, he claimed to have sold Brooklyn Bridge a number of times to different buyers. At the heart of his scams was a convincing sales pitch, well put together fake documents and even a fake real estate sales office. He ended up dying in Sing Sing Prison, having been convicted of fraud and sentenced to a life term.

Hafid Was The Greatest Salesman in the World

Who is Hafid? The truth is that he is a fictional character, from the book The Greatest Salesman in the World. This book was written by Og Mandino and since being published in 1968 it has gone on to sell millions of copy around the world. Hafid is a poor camel boy who goes on to achieve remarkable levels of wealth. While he is a fictional character, there is a lot we can learn from reading his story. For example, the book focuses strongly on being positive, being persistent and acting to improve your life. It isn’t just about sales but if you want to sell more then this is a great place to look for some inspiration. Another idea to improve your sales process is to try out the mystery shopping concept.

Jordan Belfort Is The Wolf of Wall Street

There have obviously been hundreds if not thousands of incredible salespeople working on the stock market over the years. However, most of them are pretty much unknown to us. One name that we are familiar with is that of Jordan Belfort, though. He was made famous when the 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street was based on his life. He was played by Leonardo DiCapri. While the film was controversial in a number of ways, it was his incredible sales pitch that caught the eye of many people in the sales business. His aggressive and unethical approach in the film isn’t recommended but in real life Belfort made a lot of money selling everything from ice cream to seafood. He now runs successful sales seminars. If you can pick up some solid, ethical sales tips from driven salespeople like this it can be a big help in moving your business forward.


If you are going to make a success of any business then you need to believe that you are the best salesperson to have ever closed a deal. You might not sell tons of cars like Joe Girard or make such mind boggling deals as Jordan Belfort but you need to believe that you can sell your products to your target market. The good news is that anyone can learn to sell effectively. Try reading some books on the matter or looking up inspirational sales blogs and YouTube videos. There is a lot of useful material out there that can help you learn how to improve your sales skills effectively.

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