What to do when the internet goes down?


So, your internet is down and you are left with no juicy updates, social media chats and no YouTube! Do not panic, and take a deep breath… the solutions to get back online are very easy. Instead of cursing your internet provider or your device, follow these few steps and you will be back on track.

The first crucial step is to ask yourself this question:

  • Is the connection lost on all your devices or just one?

If you do not have access to internet on all your devices, then surely the issue is with your internet provider or your router. However, if you can see that your router is just fine, it is advisable to reboot all your devices and the router as well. It might seem like a joke to keep switching off and on all your devices, however this seems to work all the time. It forces your devices to grasp internet connection, and your router to reconnect to the internet feed supplied by the ISP.

Then, wait for a few minutes and see if things have improved. If this technique does not bring any improvement, you should therefore open the settings page on your router, and check if it is getting connected to any wider web.

If you were playing some great online games at Magical Vegas before the internet went down, then do not be afraid. As while playing at this site, even if you lose connection, the last page you were accessing will be saved. Whenever you reconnect, you will get to the last page you were on and you can just resume the game you were on, without any worries.

If you do manage to verify that internet is flowing in the neighbourhood and that all is fine with the internet provider, try plugging your device directly in your router using an Ethernet cable, thus you shall know if the issues is with your Wi-Fi connection. If you are using a computer, it could be that malware has been detected on the last page you were checking. It would be very wise to run a security scan using your anti-virus program, so that you are sure hackers are not piling up your data. To fix the issue, try clicking on “Forget” your common Wi-Fi connection, and to re- enter your password.

Now if you are using a portable device and your connection is suddenly cut off, there are chances that the room or space you are into, is not within your internet range; try repositioning yourself and try reconnecting.

Indeed, there are many times you get software updates pop-ups on your devices, it is always good to keep your software updated as these might be the key to keep your happily connected to the internet.

However, if your Internet Provider is experiencing issues in your locality, then there’s nothing much you can do. You could just call them or use your phone data to check if there are any technical issues regarding this specific internet provider.

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