What Materials Should You Take to a Trade Show?

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If you take the time to plan what you want to take to the next trade show that you visit, you’ll find that you are more relaxed and prepared to handle the large amount of traffic that will be coming by your booth. Make a list, ask employees for assistance with what they think you as a team will need, and begin to collect and store all of your materials in once place for easy access. As you place items in the staging area, check off your list and move on to the next set of materials that you will need to make your trade show experience a successful endeavour. Let’s look at some of the materials you should definitely have on your list.

  1. One of the first areas that you should address is the signage that you will use to distinguish your booth from other vendors. The experts at http://www.rollerbannersuk.com suggest that a colourful banner or two hung as a backdrop for your booth serves well to act as directional visuals that inform clients where you are located. Ask your printer to use vivid colours, eye-catching headlines, and to provide you with banners that are durable so that they can be used again. Carefully select the materials that your banner will be made from and buy a storage tube, if one doesn’t come with your purchase. This will help you to transport, and later store, your banners for safekeeping.
  2. Next, order any additional brochures, flyers, and business cards that you and your staff will need to give to visitors who are looking for the type of product that you have. Make sure that the marketing materials are informative, feature your logo, and provide potential clients with the information they will need to contact you for further details of your goods and services. Your business literature should match your signage so that your company always presents the same colours, logo, and information.
  3. Another good idea is to pack a container of extra tape, pens, trash bags, and some emergency items that can help you to handle an emergency. Provide tissues for your staff, perhaps some bottled water, and a few snacks so that they won’t have to leave the booth unattended. You should also include some backup technology so that if any of your equipment fails to operate properly you will have an alternative plan to implement immediately. Make sure that you include extra flashlights which can illuminate your booth should a power outage occur and a first aid kit for minor accidents that can be treated on the spot.
  4. Finally, make sure that you take name badges for all of the employees who will be working in your booth. They should wear these no matter where they go throughout the vendors’ area so that your brand will gain more exposure. This also gives clients a way of connecting with your company when they see one of your staff members walking through the crowd.


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