What Functions Does a Good Packaging Design Fulfill?

packaging design

Developing a good packaging design is essential to sales success. Here are some key functions which packaging should fulfill:

It contains

The main reason for the existence of a container is to contain the product. Either to transport it easily or protect it from any damage. Both when transported from the factory to the point of sale, or consumer, and at its destination, the packaging prevents the product from suffering any mishap. In addition, it facilitates its handling and use. Also, the packaging keeps the product in good condition while it is being transported. All this to subsequently be acquired by a consumer.

It informs

A good packaging design goes further. In addition to protecting and conserving the product, it also informs the possible consumer about it just by looking at it. A good package is able to tell what we can expect from the product inside. This facilitates the purchase decision because a bad package from which we cannot differentiate what we are going to buy … we rarely stop to investigate it further. Remember that we live in a very fast society!

It differentiates

Of course, a good packaging design will become another signature of the brand. At the same time, it will help your company to differentiate itself from others that offer similar products. A well-placed logo, a well-used colour scheme, a specific form … these are techniques focused on the consumer being able to identify the product only by looking at the packaging. And this is a good thing … with some drawbacks. However, designing packaging that is so well-known and easy to identify also leads to problems. If you change it, it affects your brand image. Then marketing strategies would have to be carried out so that consumers would accept and identify with the new packaging.

It attracts

To make a good packaging design it is not enough to have a good idea. Studies are carried out on the use and meaning of geometric shapes, colours, the position of elements, etc. All this to design the most attractive packaging possible, respecting both the image of the brand and the nature of the product. It should be ingenious and attractive, and make you want to buy one!

It sells

Clearly, a good packaging design, in addition to complying with all these characteristics already mentioned, sells the product it contains by itself. Its powerful and attractive visual design, its functionality, its ability to tell us what it is offering, its appeal … if your packaging meets all these requirements and culminates in selling your product, congratulations! You have achieved a perfect packaging design.


Both in the real world and in the online world, packaging is the window that connects the consumer to the product. Therefore, at times and to a certain extent, it can delimit the success or failure of it. This is what makes good packaging design vital when positioning our product. The packaging can be durable and even functional. Of course, it can also awaken such adoration that the consumer saves it once the product is used. And who knows if it may even, one day, become a collector’s item!

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