Top Factors to Consider Before Mounting Your Video Display for Advertising

Display for Advertising

Video screens are used in businesses for different reasons. One of them is mounting them on a wall for advertising purposes. When you come to this decision, you need to consider a few factors. This will make your efforts bear fruit, and reach out to more clients and customers in the market. Here are important factors to consider before you mount your video screens.


When you need your video screen to run successfully, consider an appropriate spot for your components. You will obviously need to get a device from which the TV screen will source the information to display. Ensure you bear in mind the safety of your source, especially when advertising in public places.

Power outlet

When mounting your TV on the wall, you will also need to consider the power outlet. Most people are not comfortable with a dangling cord, to source power for the TV screen. You need to consider a close power point, bearing in mind the length of the power cord. You will need a strategy for the cord, to camouflage it, or have the power source behind the screen.

Wall strength

It is also important that you consider if the wall is able to handle the weight of the video wall mount. To reach out more with advertising through the video wall, it has to be big. The screens, cumulatively, can be quite heavy. Make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the video displays.


The position at which you wish to mount your video screens will affect the number of views you receive. Therefore, choose the most appropriate position and angle to reach out to a bigger percentage of viewers. The position along with the best screen size is the secret to running video advertising successfully.


When you are mounting a video display wall, you will need several tools. The tools will make the mounting task very easy and fast. If you want to complete the task in the quickest time, and install the TV on the wall successfully, it is best to consider the right tools you will need. If you do not have access to the correct tools for the job, ensure that you get a qualified professional to mount the video wall display.

When you are mounting the video display on the wall, ensure you get the positioning correct for optimal viewing. This is the only way to guarantee the success of your advertising campaign. Start your search early to avoid last minute mistakes when selecting the most suitable wall mounting for your video display. Remember to consider the size of the display, its location, and the type of content that will be displayed for optimal positioning and adjustment of the mounting.



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