Top 3 Target Audiences for Brochure Distribution

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In online advertising, you can target just about anyone with your ad post. After all, everyone can see what you have published online. When distributing brochures, you need to be extra careful. Each brochure costs your company money. Therefore, you can’t just distribute them to anyone, especially those who are not your target group. It is important for you to take note of who among the people passing by should be targeted. They should be those who will most likely read the brochure content. This will ensure that the money you have spent for brochure printing won’t be wasted.

Older people

They are used to more traditional forms of advertising. A huge majority of the older demographic are still reading newspapers. Therefore, they are the best group to target if you want your brochures to not just be thrown away. They prefer reading items printed on paper than reading ads online. Though there are a lot of older people who have become more adept with technology, they still prefer the things that they have been used to as they were growing up.


It is easy to lure kids to buy something. You just have to include cute images or funny photos and they will most probably buy what you sell. Before you know it, they will start dragging their parents to head to your store and buy what you offer. This is why kids are a perfect target. They also feel like an adult if you give them a brochure. Of course, you need to use more images than words, especially if they are yet to become fluent readers.


Studies have revealed that women are really more detail-oriented than men. Therefore, summarised flyers could work for men, but more detailed brochures are better for women. They love it more when they see more information. They think that they must be informed buyers for them to make the right choice. It is easier to lure them into buying your products when you bombard them with every detail that they have to know. You also have to remember that even male products can be advertised to women. After all, women in the family are the ones controlling family finances.

After determining your target audience, it is time to design the layout for brochure printing. If your company has a layout artist, then you can let this person do the job. You may also look for printing companies offering printing services which include brochure design. This means that they will give you a layout artist who will make sure everything is perfect before printing. You can also partner with them for banner printing and exhibition stands should you need these tools in the future.


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