Tips For Safely Relocating Retail Furniture Displays


Whether reorganizing your local furniture business for a cleaner and more appealing layout or moving your shop from one location to another, it’s important to take diligent care when lifting your furniture displays. Not only is there significant risk of causing damage to these costly items, but there’s also the potential to sustain serious personal harm. Following are a few tips that are sure to keep these efforts seamless, easy and pain-free.

Use A High-Low Position When Carrying Tall Items

Before moving any couches, coffee tables or towering bookshelves, make sure that you have a partner on hand who is strong enough to manage half of the lifting. The next step is to place these items in a high-low position, rather than attempting to carry them horizontal to the ground and slightly elevated above the floor’s surface. With this strategy, one end of the couch should be lifted close to shoulder height while the other end should kept no more than one foot off the floor. This will keep the total weight of the item perfectly centered and prevent it from swinging too far in any direction.

Disassemble Your Largest Pieces

Small, light sections of furniture are undeniably easier to lift and maneuver than are large, cumbersome pieces. If you cannot move them without breaking them, take the time to disassemble your largest pieces before moving these any considerable distance. Both your back and your budget will thank you for it. Keep all hardware organized in a small container and make sure to label any pieces that might cause confusion later on.

Use Casters To Prevent Floor And Furniture Damage

Quality furniture casters are going to be one of your best resources throughout this process. Companies like Access Casters, Inc. offer an impressive range of caster designs that are meant to make transporting heavy pieces easier, while preventing both physical injury and property damage. Among some of the top options to use are braking casters that have full-on braking functionality and stem casters, which take mere minutes to install and are fairly low in cost. Not only are these great investments for your current move, but they’ll continue to provide additional value each time you opt to reorganize or redesign your store.

Limit Injury With Moving Straps

You may be set on completing most of this work with little more than a dolly. Moving straps are essential to have on hand, however, particularly when it comes to avoiding physical injuries. These are simple harnesses that are placed over the shoulders to evenly distribute the weight that’s being hosted. Not only will they keep you from placing too much strain on your legs and lower back, but they’ll also make you more predisposed to using proper bending and lifting techniques.

Rearranging even a small-sized furniture shop can be a daunting task indeed. Rather than simply scooting your inventory across the floor or lifting with sheer will, brute strength and bad form, however, it’s best to use the right tactics and tools. Quality casters and moving straps will protect your back and your floors. Angled lifting and opting to dissemble your heaviest and most cumbersome pieces will keep things moving smoothly and prevent a range of problems that could derail this project entirely.

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