Tips and Tricks for Your First Trade Show


Trade shows are a fantastic space for you to pitch your business to hundreds of passing clients. Whether you are pitching travel opportunities to postgraduates or offering the latest gadget for caravan fans, trade shows offer you the chance to drum up some attention and some new business.

Plan Well in Advance

As a business owner, one of the most important things you need to do is begin your planning as early as possible. Trade shows can be logistical nightmares and you want to make sure you are in the best position possible. Not only will you need to organise travel and potentially overnight stays for all the staff you are taking, but you will also need to organise everything you wish to put in your booth in addition to booking the booth itself. Have a look to see what you can pick up near the venue itself; if you are attending one of Manchester’s many trade shows then you could look into Manchester t-shirt printing to find some brilliant extras for your team to wear on the big day.

Take your time and make sure that everything is in place before you even begin to plan a sales strategy for the day. If logistics aren’t taken care of, everything else will be much more problematic.

Announce on Social Media

Be sure to drum up some initial interest with some carefully placed promotions on your social media pages. Engage with your followers to find out if anyone is going to be attending the trade show too. You could even have a special promotion for any followers which is announced exclusively through your social media. This gives them the incentive to come along to the trade show and stop by your booth for a great deal.

Care for the Customers

You want your best staff working at the tradeshow; those employees who are great salespeople and experts at making people feel at home. Create a comfortable space within your booth and offer the show-goers something to make them stay and talk to you. This could be some food, or the chance for a whirl on a slot machine, or some other little competition. Get creative and come up with something amazing you can easily do that fits with your branding. Customers will be happier to stay at the booth with churros and comfy seats over the blank booth with a few infographics about the business. Use every trick of the trade you can think of to get people to stay.

If people are encouraged to stay behind to see what you have to offer, you have more of a chance of landing a sale. This is when your amazing sales team can swoop in and start working towards a deal.

Trade shows are fantastic opportunities which every business owner should look into. They are great for networking and boosting sales of high-ticket products. If you are thinking about taking your company to a trade show, start looking for the perfect one for you today!


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