The relationship between quality and data security

The relationship between quality and data security

The quality and security of data are two essential qualities in data management strategy of any company. So it is essential to provide data of these two properties from even the preliminary phase of implementation of a data management system.

The technical quality management of data measured and evaluated by the setting of specific indicators, the quality of information needed to make decisions, in addition to sufficient, valid, complete, reliable, consistent and complete so that the determinations made are as free as possible of risk.

The relationship between quality and data security

The lack of integrity of the data can be misleading to those responsible for making major decisions in companies. A good strategy for controlling the quality of the data avoids duplication, errors or empty fields, and simultaneously detect obstacles.

Therefore, the procedure to ensure data quality must be permanent and unquestionable. Once validated after several cycles of testing, you have to be about the quality of data analysis, measurement, certification, identification and resolution of conflicts, monitoring operational procedures to manage and the ability to auditing purposes.

With good quality control of information, they are based comprehensively all processes that are part of the data management.

One of the great needs, once validated the formula for quality data is security i confidentiality of this information. Privacy, like quality, is a feature that should be sought from the germinal stage of planning data management to minimize the risk of future occurrences of security breaches.

A good practice in Data Security provides data protection to ensure privacy from planning estragegia through the procedures necessary to veto:

  • The access to corporate data
  • The creation of new corporate data
  • The handling unauthorized or inappropriate corporate data.

To define the standards of privacy and confidentiality of data and establish procedures for access and security, it is necessary to know the specific needs not to take any risk in terms of:

  • The significance and importance of the information that is working
  • Those who are users responsible for every duty
  • Determine the different levels of access to be allowed to interact with the data

The systematization of the process ensures a good result. In terms of control, it is necessary to classify the confidentiality of information; managing users, passwords and groups; manage data access views; protect the data access permissions; monitor user authentication and access behavior; and audit data security.

If these procedures are implemented and the processes are automated through a common strategy can ensure the safety and security and the quality of data in the overall strategy of information management.

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