The Most Common Promotional Products Used by Businesses

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More business owners in the UK are embracing marketing to reach new heights. In fact, the UK is in the top 4 on the list of largest advertising consumers in the world. While there are various ways to market a business today, one of the most effective methods is still the distribution of promotional giveaways.

Today, businesses have tons of options for their promo materials. If you are planning on distributing your own promotional merchandise, you should consider which materials will work best in increasing brand awareness. Below are some of the most popularly distributed giveaways in the UK:

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens are usually given away during events like conferences, trade shows, symposiums, and seminars. Trainers, speakers and business owners give them away together with their company collaterals. Pens are ideal marketing giveaways because they are small, easy-to-carry and fairly useful.

Travel mugs

Travel mugs are very eco-friendly. It will help you establish a great impression among your target market because you can help them significantly reduce their use of plastic or paper cups. They can take their travel mugs everywhere, therefore increasing the visibility of your business.


Customised coasters are also ideal giveaways because these are made from lightweight materials and they have a large surface area where you can place your brand logo and contact information. Any type of business can use this type of giveaway. Just choose coasters made from eco-friendly materials or select those that can last for a long time to effectively win over customers.


Notepad comes in various sizes and thickness options. They also come in various colours and designs. Like the usual office stationery and supplies, notepads are highly usable, and you can take them virtually anywhere.

These are mostly given away by businesses involved in corporate training, school supplies, and book publishing. You can have your logo printed on the front of the notebook or perhaps on every page.


T-shirts are very popular giveaways today because they can effectively and effortlessly market a brand. Your target customers can wear your t-shirt giveaway anywhere they go. This means more people will get to know your brand.

These are used by various types of business. Sometimes, they don’t just function as promotional giveaways. Most of the time, they are worn by the staff and employees of a business.

Because there are a ton of printed shirts out there, you must think of creative designs to use instead of just settling for your brand logo. This way, you can get the attention of more people.

Final words of advice

Have you decided on which type of merchandise you will use for your business? Whether you end up with the items above or other materials like umbrellas, flash drives, tote bags and stress balls, you must always consider the quality of the material. Otherwise, your brand will come off as cheap and irresponsible. Find a reputable supplier for your promotional merchandise. Check their customers’ feedback and compare their pricing for your target giveaway unit.



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