The computer, the best channel for e-commerce

The computer, the best channel for e-commerce

Despite the variety of technological devices offered by the market today, computers are still the main channel for electronic commerce.

According to a study in San Pablo by the Groupon platform, this result has been presented in five greater economies of Latin America. Giving way to the statistics, a survey was conducted to 6,000 people in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. 79% of respondents choose to buy on the Internet through the computer.

Perhaps, with the rise of smartphones, primarily it might tend to think that online shopping is also mostly done through them, as people currently use them for everything. But surprisingly, the use of smart phones to make purchases was 15% (in Brazil figure rose to 21%).

What is interesting about this study was that it was observed that 79% of respondents said network purchased more than five years ago. Also noteworthy is that more than half of whom were asked to use the Internet to research products and services before closing the purchase of virtual or physical form.

It currently provides a number of facilities that the user may experience optimal and rewarding way of shopping online, with online counseling, online stores, and illustrative photographs, among others.

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