Ten tips to make the most WhatsApp

Ten tips to make the most WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most downloaded mobile app in Spain. Millions of people use every day to keep in touch with friends and family. And although it is not the only application of this kind not the best, out of it is completed, since all contacts use it.

As it seems that the standard in apps WhatsApp messaging will remain for a long time, this article contains some tips and tricks for getting the most out and make it a safe and effective tool of communication.

Although WhatsApp has had some security problems, and some unscrupulous advantage of his popularity to commit frauds and scams online, this app continues to grow in reputation and number of users unstoppable. With each new version, also new features to make it even more useful and attractive are added.

The problem is that sometimes these new functions and configuration options are not visible at first sight and can go unnoticed if one does not set well. A list of these utilities with which full advantage, WhatsApp beyond simple text messages collected.

1. WhatsApp allows many forms of communication

It started with text messages, photos and videos. But now let WhatsApp also send audio notes recorded at the time, sharing current location with another person (or group) and send contacts in the phonebook. It is also possible to make phone calls for free, if you use VoIP protocol.

2. Sending complete talks WhatsApp

You can also send WhatsApp entire conversations via email. The option is available within each conversation, playing on the name of the person or group.

3. Each icon WhatsApp message has meaning

The icons can be seen next to each message in WhatsApp have their own significance and report the current status of the message:

  • Clock: it is sending WhatsApp servers.
  • A check gray: is WhatsApp servers.
  • Double check gray: has been delivered to the recipient’s phone, but the conversation has not yet opened.
  • Double check blue: is shown on the phone display.
  • Green microphone indicates a voice memo which has not yet been heard.
  • Blue microphone indicates a voice note that has already been heard.These two icons of microphone only see the person who received the note.

4. The user profile WhatsApp

From the menu “Settings” in WhatsApp is possible to access user profile, each can be customized to your liking with a name, profile picture, a phrase that describes your state … There is even the possibility to link with Facebook profile to import the data without typing anything.

5. WhatsApp also allows you to change the substance of the conversation

Nor should we settle for the background image that comes by default. From the “Settings”> “Chats” section you can choose a new fund for talks (the same for all, of course), selecting from among the collection of funds WhatsApp or photos stored on the mobile phone.

6. You can make a backup of talks

Have backups of all important documents is vital to avoid losing disaster. And the same applies to conversations WhatsApp. If important data stored in them or memories that do not want to lose, from the section “Settings” you can easily configure the backup function for not missing anything.

7. Take care of privacy: How to hide the connection time?

Besides safety, another important point is convenient care in WhatsApp is privacy. Some people do not like that for anyone to see what time it was connected or check whether a message has been read by the double tick blue.

But with the options under “Settings”> “Account”> “Privacy”, each user can choose to detail how much of this information ceases to everyone or only your contacts and how much leaves hidden. Keep in mind that if you hide these data, neither can see the other users.

8. The trick to save data connection WhatsApp

With the number of photos, videos and others to share in this application, it is normal to spend a lot of data rate mobile. So, a very simple data to not spend more trick is to disable automatic downloading of multimedia elements. It can be done from the menu “Settings”> “Data usage” or also choose to automatically download only when you have Wi-Fi.

9. Use the computer WhatsApp WhatsApp Web

There is nothing more frustrating to be working with computer and having to respond continuously WhatsApp messages from mobile. Luckily, since there WhatsApp Web is now possible to use this application in comfort from the computer. The function is available from the menu “Settings” and is very easy to configure.

WhatsApp 10. Beware: it can be a source of rumors and scams

This list could not end without a little warning. The popularity of WhatsApp is also its Achilles heel, as some users take advantage of this to use this app as a distribution channel for all kinds of unfounded rumors, scams and frauds online. Do not use WhatsApp with fear, but with a bit of wisdom and common sense to avoid falling into a scam.

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