Why Cash Flow is the Lifeblood of any Business


It does not matter what type of company you run getting your cash flow right is vital. Every year, tens of thousands of firms go out of business simply because they run out of money. Sometimes, these companies are actually profitable entities. Often, they only go bankrupt because they do…

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Facts Should Consider When Selecting A Data Warehouse

Big data

In previous article which is raised in general terms a data warehouse or data warehouse, and identified some of the most important benefits that companies perceive investment when implementing a central data system. In this blog, we will identify five factors that the firm should consider when selecting a system of…

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Strategic analysis and management of data in data warehouse projects

All Data Warehouse project has its particular entity when managing data. This quality are recognized based on their ability to respond to: The strategic consultation company. A critical information needs for decision-making. By integrating potential to be submitted in order to allow the unique vision a reality, ensuring a single…

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