Difference between data, information and knowledge

What differentiates the knowledge of the data and information? In an informal conversation, the three terms are often used interchangeably and this can lead to a free interpretation of the concept of knowledge. Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate the terms to be thinking that the data are located in…

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Facts Should Consider When Selecting A Data Warehouse

Big data

In previous article which is raised in general terms a data warehouse or data warehouse, and identified some of the most important benefits that companies perceive investment when implementing a central data system. In this blog, we will identify five factors that the firm should consider when selecting a system of…

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The impact of quality of data in environments Business Intelligence

The importance of data on projects Business Intelligence (BI) exceeds any consideration we can do about other key elements in business intelligence environments. His role, more than important, it is absolutely essential: the calve on data of any successful BI project lies. However, although this remains so today the number…

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