Strategic analysis and management of data in data warehouse projects

Strategic analysis and management of data in data warehouse projects

All Data Warehouse project has its particular entity when managing data. This quality are recognized based on their ability to respond to:

  • The strategic consultation company.
  • A critical information needs for decision-making.
  • By integrating potential to be submitted in order to allow the unique vision a reality, ensuring a single version of the truth.

Achieving this stage in the strategic analysis organizational is depending on the data management and thus must be taken as a priority when it comes to defining and implementing a Data Warehouse project, whatever the sector or activity company that is on the verge of its implementation.

The key data management projects DWH

The keys to achieving success in managing data in DWH projects are summarized in meeting the good practices that should begin to be considered at stages of definition, since it must be remembered that a data warehouse is not item only facilitating the process of copying and pasting data from the source system to another database, but that requires a judgment based on knowledge, technology and experience that will bear fruit especially in the steps of:

  • Design.
  • Modeling.

The goal should be to win business alignment, pursuing their needs and minimizing the risk. Contingencies may come from different fronts:

  • Errors.
  • Discrepancies.
  • Duplication.
  • Incomplete data.

There can not be different versions of the truth, so if you want to achieve the single view , to optimize processes and reduce costs (of resources, maintenance, operation, etc.) the operator is the only alternative and should be chosen so to address data management in data warehouse projects by choosing the right tool.

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