Six Ways to Advertise Your Local Business


No matter what type or size of business you own, you need to promote or advertise it to draw attention from potential customers in order to make money. If no one knows about your small local business, it will quickly fail and you will be forced to close your doors. Here are some of the ways you can inexpensively advertise your local business to increase your sales.

Alert the Media

Although print advertising can be expensive, you can still get attention for your local business in newspapers by sending them a press release about your company. If you are just opening your doors, you can use the newspaper to announce your grand opening discount and Expedia coupon code for quick shopping. You can also send press releases to radio and television stations that have programmes concerning local events.

Be a Sponsor

Volunteer your business to sponsor a local sports team or a local charity. You may need to pay to have team uniforms made or give away merchandise as a prize at a charity event, but you can use those opportunities to gain attention for your business. It will also show your company is community-oriented and philanthropic, which can help attract even more attention.

Distribute Flyers

Have flyers created and printed to hand out at local community events to draw attention from potential customers. Print a coupon on the bottom of the flyer so customers can use the coupon to get a discount at your store. You can also post flyers on community bulletin boards at universities, laundromats, libraries, or churches in your local area.

Buy Smaller Ads

You don’t have to buy ads on billboards to get the attention you need for your business to be profitable, you can buy smaller ads that draw attention as well. Small ads on grocery carts, on public transportation, and advertising at petrol stations can lead customers to your store. These smaller ads are often more budget friendly than television, radio, or newspaper adverts, and they are seen by hundreds of people every day.

Print Ads on Invoices

Some companies will design small ads for your register receipts and company invoices to help spread the word about your company. An ad on a register receipt could offer a discount for purchases made at your store, or you can use company invoices to help brand your business. Your register receipt ads don’t have to be limited to only the receipts from your registers, but they can also be printed on the receipts of surrounding businesses.

Make a Deal

Work with other businesses in your area to promote each other’s companies on your websites, especially if they are a complementary business. If you own a shoe store, make a deal with a local clothing company. If you have a small corner market, work with the petrol station down the street to promote each other’s businesses.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on advertising to draw the customers you need into your doors. There are many ways to inexpensively advertise your local business.


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