Six Keys to put a solution in place Mobile Intelligence

Six Keys to put a solution in place Mobile Intelligence

Reports and Dashboards : initial phase of construction of the application. First constructed data models (Data Warehouse, Datamart, customer tables …) according to the pattern of need for information and their corresponding loading processes. You need to know what data is accessed, what’s available and where they are.

The next step is to create multidimensional cubes based on the analytical needs that provide complete and reliable vision that leads to the unique vision. Finally it is made the catalog business, where all the information available to the mobile solution meets.

How that information will be available to the user and syllables are chosen to identify each of the content it is also determined.

These three phases should be developed along the lines marking the formated, including business concepts that meet user needs and incorporating navigation links and components with representation of information.

Multimedia content : is the last phase of building the app, allowing fully exploit the advantages of mobility applied to BI.

Multimedia content is the differentiating factor that can tip the choice between the various solutions offered by the market.

You can incorporate sound, photos, demos or other multimedia content. You need to know the multimedia capabilities of devices from which the application is used, make a selection of multimedia content that are considered interesting or necessary elements recopliar collaboration with key users and incorporate that will cover users following the guidelines for the layout.

Apply Security : restrict access level data, models and objects for covering data security thanks to the solution itself. To extend security models and objects is necessary to encrypt the data sent abroad to protect them from leaking and set limits that do not depend on the mobile device from which you work. Security is also important for the company in relation to the projected image, legal factors and good practice. Mobility involves a vulnerable data flow traveling abroad via WiFi, 3G or cable. Action is required to nullify the security breach and ensure information integrity.

Running the test plan : to better understand the user and their needs. The test is performed based on scripts and acceptance is sought on the basis of defined criteria.

The aim is to validate the specifications agreed in the initial phase, checking the correct functional use about business concepts, metrics and KPIs, hierarchies, navigability and visualization; and validate the correct technical operation of reporting and dash boarding, transactions, and multimedia. Deliver the documentation for the Test Log (document incidents) and UAT (User Accepting Testance of the corrections or modifications necessary).

Implementation and support in managing change users : each item is custom tailored to the needs and expectations of users to optimize tool performance mobility. You must assign user profiles and passwords for everyone to access the content that you are authorized to inform users of the availability of the solution in the last phase of implementation, implement the plan of change management through training, user manual and access to a support query. The project team will make these items available to key users.

Deployment of the solution : transfer the built in a test environment or the solution development phase production. It’s time to create automatic processes responsible for releasing the load (schedule data refresh cycles), deploy the application to the operating environment, create users and user groups by determining the levels of access and restrictions, handing the tool the end users to customize that (the strategic partner will accompany you to improve your user experience) and pass to support solutions.

When the key users give the go-ahead, the project team delivered the list of available users and document the methodology support.

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