Practical examples of Business Intelligence


Below is a series of real examples (summarized) Business Intelligence:

Canning company

This case concerns one of the largest canneries in Galicia, with an international presence, more than 500 employees and about € 100,000,000 billing.

Although the canning industry is well known seasonality of sales (consumption of canned tuna fires in summer, due to their participation in salads) and December (on the occasion of Christmas), this company not he had been able to optimize the amount of finished product to be stored in stock to maximize their profits.

By implementing a system of decision support systems (DSS), and after thorough analysis of historical data guarding the company, it was possible to redesign the entire logistics process and production storage to the point of increasing the profitability of the same (irrespective of the production and demand) by 10%.
Supermarket chain

A well-known supermarket chain Galician has resorted to a Business Intelligence system to find out what was the profile of their most profitable customers and try to do everything possible to retain them.

To do this, one of the first actions was carried out creaccion a “discount card”, linking customers with the club from the supermarket. To qualify for this card, each client must provide their basic personal data (age, sex, origin …) and complementary data on your preferences. In return he received any discounts on their purchases.

Having accumulated a significant amount of data, it was time to extract the information required by a system of decision support. Among the rarities on the results obtained, it should be noted that the ideal profile of each client had substantial differences in terms of geographic location, even though the limit of the analysis was within Galicia itself.

Dairy cooperative

In a dairy cooperative of Galician origin, whose products are advertised on TV nationwide, they had broken alarms due to the wide economic deviations each year between estimated in January parameters and the results analyzed twelve months later.

Finally, to solve the problem and maximizing their traditional systems, the cooperative decided to implement a balanced scorecard (Balanced Scorecard) and conduct close monitoring of its strategic objectives.

After eight months from the start of production of the system, they managed to find the origin of deviations and take appropriate action to straighten the operational history of the company.

On the other hand, as closely related side effect, the system has allowed us to analyze the impact on sales of each of their advertising campaigns. Based the information in their own databases, the cooperative has achieved since then tailor their advertising to increase by 8% market share.
Telecommunications operator

This example refers to one of the largest telecom operators in the world with over 91 million customers in 220 countries on five continents. This organization has 190,000 employees and offers a full range of telecommunications services: local, international and mobile telephony; internet and multimedia; data transport; and cable TV broadcasting.

In recent years, the company has been using computer systems as a key strategic weapon in the battle between telecom operators. The objective of one of its major initiatives has been to reduce inconsistencies in data and share information more effectively between different business areas, implementing standards throughout the organization in the field of management software.

Local Barber

A hairdresser Santiago had two years open to the public. During that time, the owners, two young and enterprising girls had worked every day of the week (except, of course, Sunday) to move forward with your business.

They are having stabilized its customer base they decided to rest one more day a week. His first choice was closed on Mondays, like other hair salons in the area. However, they decided to base their decision on historical information they had collected in their small dating application.

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