Launching an email campaign that works


Any business worth their salt knows the crucial role that email plays – from project management to business development, on average an office worker will receive 121 emails per day. So, although email communication makes handling business so much simpler, it also poses a challenge with regards to standing out from the crowd and having your message clearly heard.

As such, when it comes to writing, designing and sending a marketing email, a business has to consider ways to break through the noise and truly engage the reader. If you think your email campaigns could work harder to bring in new business, have you thought about the following?

Why are you sending the email?

Every time you send an email campaign out to your mailing list, you should think long and hard about why you’re sending it and what you want to achieve.

For instance, are you looking to promote a new service, offer or product? Are you sharing a recent success? Do you want your clients to know you were published in an important industry paper? Or that you’re opening a new office in a fresh market? Whatever it is you’re communicating, you should make sure that the message is single-minded and confidently conveyed in your email. Don’t risk diluting the message by trying to fit in too much information and use a clear call-to-action so readers know how to respond.

Write your copy carefully, and use appropriate imagery and graphic design to land the message subconsciously too.

Who are you sending it to?

It’s possible that not everyone in your subscriber’s list will find each email relevant and interesting. If not, you should avoid directing it to them, in case they decide to unsubscribe from your correspondence as a result.

If you’re using a system like MailChimp to help you send your mail, you should consider using the ‘group’ feature to better curate which contacts in your list get sent which campaigns.

Mailing lists are powerful sources of content – each email campaign is only as effective as the audience it reaches. So, make sure your subscriber’s list is up to date, delete any addresses that bounce back, and regularly add to your list. You can gather addresses from online orders, new clients, and networking events. Click here for more information on how you can instantly check if the email contact you’ve collected over the years are still valid.

When are you sending it?

The day of the week, and the time of day, that you hit ‘send’ on your email campaign can influence whether the message is opened or not. Generally speaking, avoid sending campaigns out on a Friday and look for the message to hit clients’ inboxes in the morning.

Think about your own preferences, and at what times of day you’ve more open to receiving emails, and use this as a framework.

Email campaigns that work

Although we send and receive over a hundred emails a day, no email campaign should be approached without considered thought and pre-planning. Make sure you spend enough time constructing the email, so your message is clear and single-minded. Take time to curate and update your mailing list. Then send the campaign at an optimal time, for highest engagement.

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