Intelligent Data Visualization

Intelligent Data Visualization

Big data a while ago that are accessible. All we can store, work, analyzing … It seems that the boundaries are blurred and now the challenge is to find ways of displaying information in the most useful way possible. One way of viewing data can be adapted perfectly to the users needs. You know what the intelligent data visualization?

Data visualization: the importance of a good tool

Tools display data, to be useful to business:

  • They need to make it easier to dive into the information to extract all the intelligence that contains the mass of data.
  • Preferably, they have to incorporate the science of human visual perception in their data visualization techniques.
  • Exposure capabilities of information must never go against the understanding of the data or its contextualization.
  • These tools should increase the clarity of exposure while reducing the amount of time needed to make sense of the data presented.

The ideal is a software that allows people to find things that do not know, but they should; as outliers, hidden trends and data sets that change rapidly. That’s precisely where the data visualization provides real value. The return on investment comes from how fast you can find something that you could not see before, increasing the capacity to act on it immediately.

New data visualization

Developments in this area point in a clear direction. Today a new generation emerging technologies of visual data discovery incorporating own psycho-visual principles of the human species. Its main features are:

  • Produce easily understandable visualizations.
  • They are able to show the data for display even prior to storage.
  • Encourage a proactive interaction with information.

The discovery that takes place through the intelligent data display provides user experience and motivating source improvement.

This way of working prompts the user to be able to perform tasks such as:

  • Rearrange the data on the fly.
  • Set priorities quickly.
  • Change hierarchies when necessary.
  • Filter out irrelevant information.
  • Isolate discoveries that are relevant.

These interactive displays oriented analysis must be easy to understand in a very short time, since its main benefit is the reduction in the time required for making decisions consistently and accurately.

To achieve such providers of software services are based on the study of visual attributes such as color, size, shape and relative proximity, among other items on the screen; which they are essential to human understanding of data visualization.

Thus, the design of these systems display data must allow information to be easily understood, and its intuitive navigation, even when it comes to complex data or data sets subject to constant change.

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