Important Steps You should Take when You Suffer an Injury at Work


At the workplace, procedures should always be put in place to prevent accidents and unhappy incidents which can lead to injury – and this is determined by law, especially in the United Kingdom. These procedures include placing the proper warning signs, implementing the correct safety processes, and ensuring the proper maintenance of all machinery and tools used by a company’s employees. But, even with the best and most stringent preparations, accidents can – and do – happen. Following are some important steps to take when you have suffered an injury at work.

  1. Report the accident immediately

The tough employee who trips down the stairs, stands up and brushes the incident away without further ado (except maybe a little laugh at the silliness of it all) may look tough and cooperative to other employees, but does him- or herself and other employees no favours by not reporting it to management. Sometimes, injuries are not immediately noticeable but can become severe after a day or two. If this happens to you, no matter how small the injury or incident, report it immediately – if for no other reason than to ensure that the accident doesn’t happen again to anyone else.

  1. Seek medical help

A little cut may not seem like a big deal, but can easily get infected after a day or two. A twisted ankle may be a little painful today, but can become a swollen nightmare after a restless night’s sleep. Always seek medical help after an injury or accident; the doctor is more likely to understand what happened and prescribe the correct cure for your injury. Besides, seeking medical help also ensures that there is a proper record of the incident – and its consequences.

  1. Check your contract

Your employment contract is there for a reason – it is a written agreement that specifies the duties and responsibilities of both employer and employee. In your contract, there should be clauses which stipulate what should be done in case of an accident. Furthermore, even if the contract does not have any specifications, the law still applies. Follow the correct procedures mentioned in your contract at all times.

  1. Approach management

Usually, management and employers are very sympathetic to your appeal and understand that by suffering an injury at work, you have the right to proper medical attention and time off to recuperate and heal. Talk to management and state your claim – you have the right to it. Should there be any disputes, try to settle them amicably. Helpful suggestions will show management that you are not just complaining but trying to prevent further trouble; placing cones around wet floors, marking sharp edges on the work floor, or suggesting different safety gear can go a long way indeed.

  1. If necessary, seek legal advice

Asking a solicitor with experience in personal injury claims is always prudent if you feel management is trying to brush your claim under the rug. If you have the right to compensation, you should insist on it. A personal injury solicitor is familiar with the law – usually much better than your employer – and can point out exactly what went wrong and give you advice on what to do. Don’t let management push you around. Seek legal advice if necessary.

Of course, nobody wants accidents to happen in the workplace – it not only hinders productivity, but it can also lead to nasty disagreements. Unfortunately, they do occur, and it pays to understand what steps should be taken if they do happen. If you need additional help with your accident at work claim, you should turn only to professional and experienced personal injury solicitors who can guide you in the right path and show you the proper procedure to follow as well.


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