Implementation and support in managing change users Mobile Intelligence

Implementation and support in managing change users Mobile Intelligence

Change management is crucial at this point in the implementation of Mobile Intelligence within the organization. Everything is customized, each element has been built to suit the needs and expectations of users and key users, phase by phase, have given their approval.

Everything is ready to initiate action, taking full advantage of the mobility strategy and getting the advantage that empowers BI exploit the company from a native Mobile App Intelligence.

Mobile Intelligence: managing change

The accompanying users in this first contact with the solution in real terms simplifies change management and greatly improves the fruits to be derived from future interaction with the solution. In this implementation of the App of Mobile Intelligence hand users can not miss:

Assigning users and passwords: for everyone has the profile that has been given him and a password that gives you access at all times to the content they are authorized to consult and which has the power to interact.

Communication with users: to inform them of the entry into the final phase of the implementation of Mobile Intelligence and the immediate availability of the solution and on their mobile devices.

Implementation of the change management plan, which should provide for:

Training: so users are fully aware of the operation of the mobility solution and all its possibilities.

User: to help each person to solve their most basic questions at all times.

Access Advisory / incidental support: to resolve issues and provide technical assistance to users when they need.

This support will be complemented by a series of deliverables that the project team made available to the key users, after receiving the final approval by the latter. The material that will be presented is:

  • APP.
  • Training given.
  • User manual.
  • Access to support via ticketing, by email or by telephone.

From now on, the user is already in a position to take full advantage of the mobility and the Mobile Intelligence strategy implemented fully in the organization, it can exploit its competitive advantage from the optimization of its business intelligence subject to an experience unlimited.

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