How to Land an IT Job While Traveling

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For young individuals or avid travellers that have taken the time to go on an adventure, congratulations on taking this major step. For those who are looking to find a job in the IT industry while abroad, take a look at these five tips that will ensure a great job while traveling around the world.

1. Learn from connections

When staying at a hostel, with a host family, or at a small apartment, try and talk to those who are around you.

Talk to the locals often even if there is a language barrier. In fact try and learn a little about the language.

Use these connections to your benefit as they could lead you to a job opportunity. One of these newly made friends could work in the IT industry themselves or know someone that does.

When traveling abroad the best connections that can be made are from the locals that know and understand the area more than anyone.

2. Look for a small start-up company

When traveling abroad, sometimes the best opportunities are within small companies that are starting up or are slowly growing larger.

Start-up companies tend to be friendly and more accepting of people traveling and looking for a job in the IT industry.

Small start-up companies offer great opportunities and can be more lenient with work.

If you demonstrate that your skill is especially unique, they are sure to hire you.

When looking for more permanent jobs later on, any IT recruitment agency will be impressed to see the you have worked for a small start-up company while abroad.

3. Learn the technology of the country

Every country is different in regards to their use of technology.

Countries like the UK, Canada, and the United States often have Wifi in many places and offer many technology based services which come at an advantage for someone learning skills in the IT industry. However, when planning to travel to countries such as India or Mexico learn what technology is available to the public or what technology is the most popular to use.

Knowing the culture and the people’s use of technology will help anyone be successful with gaining a job abroad.

Knowing what is missing in the country could also be significant and could be a potential long-term project to gain the public access to certain products.

4. Look into university opportunities

For those looking for a more temporary job, look for a job at a university within this country.

Stay with the university for a semester or two before deciding to move on. If you are a young traveller, you will be exposed to people of your age and you will be able to share your skills with IT. Working for a university may also ensure room and board in exchange for services if the university is feeling generous.

5. Learn the job process of the country

Before ever obtaining an IT job while traveling, understand the country that you are traveling to.

The job process may be different in addition to the payment process.

Learn what the average salary for someone in the IT industry and try and be reasonable with the salary requested.
In addition to this, try and learn what interviewers look for in employees of the company or position to be able to adapt to it.

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