How to Create a Video Slideshow Presentation for Your Business Project

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Movavi Slideshow Creator is a slideshow maker designed for creating slideshow presentations at the company’s meeting. It has got all the tools you need for creating a professional slideshows. It not only allows you to add photos but it also allow you to add multimedia files which can transform your slideshow video into an engaging film. One of the advantage of Movavi Slideshow Creator is that its important features can be found easily since they are mostly buttons on the toolbar.

You don’t have to spend time figure out or read the manual to learn how to use the features. It provides an efficient workspace for you to work with your photo slides. The photos, movies and audio files on the timeline are well organized so that you can easily identify the files. The photos, movies and audio files are load in its own panel in the timeline. You can zoom in and zoom out of the photo to get a closer look on the small details.

On the upper right corner, you will see icons for Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo which you can click to directly upload the slideshow to these sites. You have to configure your account first in order for it to automatically upload the slideshow and share them on the social media sites. You can preview the slideshow in full screen. The preview pane shows exactly how your slideshow will look like when you save it on your computer. You can let the slideshow play by itself or press the backward and forward arrow to skip to the previous or next slide.

Movavi slideshow software allows you to import photos in bulk to create the slideshow. With the slideshow, you can quickly outline the important points of your products and services. You can use Movavi Slideshow Creator to create tutorials about your products. It can be used to give a virtual tour of your business so that your customers will understand about your products and services. Movavi Slideshow Creator can help you to persuasive slideshow that will convince your prospective customers.

With Movavi Slideshow Creator, you can adapt the slideshows to your company brand name. Watermarks can be added if you want to show people that the slideshow are copyrighted. The slideshow video created with Movavi Slideshow Creator is HD quality no matter if you upload it and share it online or watch it on your computer. It allows you to create long length slideshows to explain details about your products to the customers.

The slideshow created with Movavi Slideshow Creator can be watched in big screen on the projector. It has a music library with a few sample audio tracks that you can use for your slideshows in case you cannot find any suitable audio tracks. If you don’t have time to complete the slideshow, you can save it and resume back on it afterwards. Movavi Slideshow Creator can run on both Mac and Windows platform. It supports the latest version of Mac and Windows OS.

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