Genius Criminal Justice Apps Will Change the Industry


There’s millions and millions of applications that mobile phone users can sync up within minutes, but fairly few have anything to do with criminal justice, at least not directly. Of course, there’s well known apps such as Apple’s Find My iPhone program which helps iPhone owners keep tabs on their handheld devices after they have been lost, but there aren’t that many opportunities for consumers to use technology to either get insight into criminal justice, or interact with law enforcement.

Recently, a few noteworthy apps were released that just may change the direction that mobile application developers are going in. Those taking classes to complete criminal justice masters programs might be most compelled by the idea of integrating mobile app technology into the field, as it would help information to be shared faster. These next innovative apps might even get you to find a business role in the criminal justice industry.

Banks Bail Bonds Application

Getting bail requires those incarcerated to have an outside line with world. The only problem with that is that inmates in jail only have one opportunity a day to call those they know. The Banks Bail Bonds app is only beneficial if you already have it downloaded on your phone at your time of arrest, but if you act fast, you might be able to get released from jail faster. This kind of mobile app takes a very unique approach, because it looks at the reality that some people actually can anticipate being arrested. This is definitely a technology that masters in criminal justice online students are going to want to cover in their research papers.

ACLU Mobile Justice

The American Civil Liberties Union has been encouraging people to learn more about the criminal justice system in the US for years, and they have always advocated for a high degree of involvement. You can volunteer, you can speak out, or you can now use the ACLU Mobile Justice app to have your voice heard. For advocates of justice, this app may end up being highly influential.

Bank Robbers App

When serious crimes such as bank robberies occur, is it often the victims, witnesses and innocent bystanders that can provide some of the most relevant information. Fast thinking citizens who are able to get access to a telephone, recall the most pertinent details, and in some cases, actually act in an effort to apprehend offenders, are invaluable to the law enforcement community. This app enables users to get the latest information on bank robberies directly from the FBI. You can see which banks in your area may have been targeted by robbers, or get information on the known details of an open bank robbery case by accessing this app.

Technology alone can’t turn the wheels of justice, but it can help to uphold what is fair and righteous. Just as criminals are using technology to avoid detection, these apps can help law enforcement, business owners, citizens and criminal justice industry professionals join forces. Download these apps, go over their features and see if you can create a new idea which will enable the criminal justice industry to continue to flourish.

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