Five Tips to deploy Mobile Intelligence

Five Tips to deploy Mobile Intelligence

The mobility applied to information access and analysis of data pertaining to BI facilitates better decisions in less time, which results in more efficient processes and higher productivity through the ability to access information from site anytime. To incorporate a Mobile Intelligence solution and take competitive advantage of a more complete and reliable strategic analysis, it is recommended:

Run a test plan : take a test based on scripts to better understand users and their needs and choose the most appropriate technology. Check if they are correct functional benefits (business concepts, metrics and KPIs, hierarchical relationships, navigability, display) and technical performance (reporting and dashboarding, transactions, multimedia). Deliver the Test Log (document incidents) and UAT (user acceptance testing).

Identify users and beneficiaries : meet Who should the strategy, who are the main beneficiaries understand the informational processes to identify users. These are emerging as the sales force, field work or executive status. Recognizing the needs of each user to determine the technology to implement and their benefits and costs.

Apply security solution : restrict access to standard data models and objects. Prevent possible leaks, set limits that do not depend on the mobile device for management of data security is unique to the entire platform. Preserve the image of the company and its outreach, legal factors to rely proceed with good practice. Avoid the security breach and ensure data integrity.

Risk mitigation strategy : it is necessary to consider them from the definition phase. Saving potential risks is greater assurance to approach the successful implementation of the solution. The most common are the lack of own platform capabilities, choosing the right technology, user expectations, availability and quality of data, the lack of a leader who believes in proycto, lack of user involvement or manage change so suitable f.

Taking as reference the success factors that determine a strategy : good management of risk factors can revert to turn them into success factors. A good change management, usability of the solution, the results in terms of cost reduction and process optimization. Are positive indicators in implementing the ability to query data from anywhere at any time alerts on deviations, links to objectives, KPIs personalized monitoring, multi language, data filters to speed up browsing, maps that incorporate GPS, a good choice of indicators (efficiency, quality, economic, historical, real-time, predictive, simulation …)

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