Facts Should Consider When Selecting A Data Warehouse

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In previous article which is raised in general terms a data warehouse or data warehouse, and identified some of the most important benefits that companies perceive investment when implementing a central data system. In this blog, we will identify five factors that the firm should consider when selecting a system of data warehouse.

Over time, the amount of information your company collects will increase substantially. Undoubtedly, reporting needs increase and change, also as alternative investments industry also evolves. Your company needs to make sure that the system databases that you choose not only provide support for the current requirements, but also for the future.

Here are five critical factors that are vital to consider when selecting a data warehouse:

  • Do you have enough capacity? Investment companies require powerful platforms that can support the activities of multi-users using the system to perform different tasks. This should also allow integrated data on the web, to internal networks and computer systems access centralized organization. Additionally, you should be able to incorporate and support features and management functions, including productivity, supervision and security.
  • Can you expand? A database platform must have the ability to grow in volume and capacity information, delivering consistent support regardless of the increase in asset information and the number of end users. This platform must deliver a database design and a flexible architecture to keep pace and respond to changing business requirements and take full advantage of the hardware already acquired.
  • Is it controllable? The technology should require minimal support. This should provide a single point of control to simplify system administration and end users must be able to create and implement new tables and indexes themselves.
  • Is it affordable? Companies should assess all costs related to a data warehouse. This means not only address the costs of hardware and software, but also the costs of services and customer support. All these variables should be low and affordable total cost.
  • Will it become obsolete? Investment firms should consider the long-term viability as a key supplier also the objective of investing in a system to ensure long-term support.

The above are some of the most critical factors to consider when thinking of buying a warehouse database. In our next article we will share how to save money and time in search of a data warehouse system.

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