Executive Information Systems (EIS)

Executive Information Systems

An Information System Executive or Executive Information System is a software tool based on a DSS, which provides managers with easy access to internal and external information of your company, and that is relevant to their key success factors.

The main purpose is that the executive has available a complete picture of the state of business indicators that affect instantly, while also maintaining the ability to analyze in detail those not meeting the expectations set to determine the plan most appropriate action.

More pragmatically, you can define an EIS as a software application that displays reports and lists (query & reporting ) of the different business areas, on a consolidated basis to facilitate monitoring of the company or a unit of it.

The EIS is characterized by offering the executive a quick and effective access to shared information using visual and graphical interfaces intutivas. Usually includes exception-based alerts and reports, as well as historical and trend analysis. It is also common that allows debit mail the most relevant reports.

Through this solution you can have a summary of the performance of an organization or specific area, and to compare it over time. It is also possible to adjust the view of information theory of Balanced Scorecard or Balanced Scorecard driven by Norton and Kaplan or any strategic model of indicators that drive the company.

If you are not familiar with the concept of Executive Information System, it can be helpful also to consider the following definitions:

  • Scorecard
  • Systems Decision Support (DSS)
  • Datamining
  • Datamart
  • Datawarehouse

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