The Essential Aspects You Should Think about when Choosing a Venue for Your Big Event


You have the task of organising an event, and it is an exciting responsibility. But at the same time, if you have never done it before, it can be quite a challenge. When planning your event, you have a lot of decisions, from the guest list to the entertainment, programme, and more. But everyone would agree that there’s one aspect which can have a significant impact on your event as well: the venue. So how do you choose one and make sure your decision is the right one? Here are the essential aspects you should think about when selecting a venue for your big event.

Before you begin

Before you begin looking for a venue, however, you should first understand three main things: your budget, your requirements on space, and the estimated size of your event. It is always best to book your venue in advance – about four to six months before the event would be ideal. By doing this, you can get the venue out of the way and focus on other aspects which make up your event, such as the catering, the guest list, the invitations, the marketing, and so on.

The essential aspects to consider 

  • The location

Regardless of if you are planning an event such as a concert, a company party, or a product launch, make sure the location is ideal. If you are planning an event for local guests or attendees, look for a venue that’s reasonably accessible for most of your attendees or guests. If the event is not local and you have attendees travelling quite a distance, search for a venue that’s near hotels and an airport or railway station. Don’t forget to include considerations for parking and traffic as well. In today’s world, you can even come up with a mobile app for the event with maps, directions for driving, and transport information.

  • The capacity

Another essential consideration when choosing a venue is the capacity. Of course, a place that can only fit 250 guests won’t be ideal if you have 500 guests or attendees. Also, even if everyone is standing up (as at a concert), don’t forget that there are safety and fire codes for the number of attendees per venue as well.  

  • The amenities and services

You should also think about the amenities and services provided by the venue. If you are planning to serve food and drinks, you may want to look for a site which has a kitchen – and the place may even have a partnership with a caterer; it’s worth looking into it. Other significant (but not necessarily readily available) amenities include a setup crew, tables and chairs, and AV capabilities. Speaking of AV capabilities, you can make your event even more special with brilliant AV staging – think LED displays, stage design, lighting, software, and more from event production companies such as Presentation Service Providers Ltd. You can make your event shine and stand out with brilliant AV effects – a comprehensive AV display is an excellent investment for any event.

  • The layout

Think also about the venue’s layout. Does the layout work with your programme and the activities you have in mind? It’s best to consider the venue’s floor plan as it can affect the traffic flow, especially at the entrance and at registration desks. If you have speakers and performers, you will need a venue with a stage or a place where you can set up a stage.

Other essential considerations include the ambience of the venue as well as acoustics, accessibility, and, of course, cost. Think about all these aspects carefully and make your decision once you’ve considered all the essential details and your requirements.


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