Why Entrepreneurs Favour Office Space in Brisbane

Space in Brisbane

Australia’s landscape is teeming with possibilities for anyone craving adventure. For business owners on the hunt for appropriate office space, you could brave the high rents in Sydney or Melbourne’s increasingly competitive market, however, Australia has so many other great places to set up. Brisbane is, not only Queensland’s capital but also Australia’s third most populated metropolis and a vibrant city for entrepreneurs to dive into.

In addition to a variety of diversions, Brisbane is positioned to become a major international business centre, as its layout is a businessman’s playground. Whether smack dab in the middle of skyscrapers that form the city’s skyline or located among the trendier green-friendly buildings, the place literally has a spot for every business on the scene. For a premium location office space in Brisbane, Servcorp has flexible month-to-month payment options and spaces in some of the most sought-after areas of the city.

Continue reading to learn why Brisbane is becoming a firm favourite with entrepreneurs.

Grab a Bargain 

Those searching for affordable office space are in a renter’s market where office space is concerned. Current market research reports that the vacancy rate has increased slightly as a result of the reduction in low-grade office rentals in favour of high-grade buildings across the CBD. Typically, when vacancies are high, business owners can haggle for better rates with leasing companies eager to fill vacancies, which is very attractive to entrepreneurs trying to control their expenses.

For entrepreneurs, this is a prime opportunity to get a great deal on office space in Brisbane. While other businesses move into the pricier offices in the CBD, you can take advantage of lower rates in some of the affected areas. With the extra money you save in the bargain, you can invest that in the growth of your business, as Brisbane promises to attract business interest in the upcoming year.

Versatile Office Leasing 

In addition to the standard leasing options, Brisbane offers business owners at all stages of growth affordable office solutions. If you’re not sure about Brisbane’s financial forecast, you could you find yourself occupying an office in one of the serviced offices off of Eagle Street in the Riparian Plaza. With a serviced office, renters can find themselves outfitted with furnished space that comes with all of the amenities (utilities, cable, internet, and staffing), but at a more reasonable price.

Entrepreneurs find leasing office space in Brisbane attractive because some leasing companies offer very flexible plans, such as virtual office and co-working spaces. These plans allow you to rent facilities and staffing at a fraction of the cost monthly, and when your business grows, the leases are easily modified to fit your needs.

Attractive Locations 

While Brisbane is similar to many of Australia’s other major cities, entrepreneurs find that quality, affordable office space can be found in most parts of the city. As we mentioned earlier, Eagle Street is host to the Riparian Plaza, which contains a number of serviced offices, but 10 Eagle Street is one of the most attractive corporate addresses in the city.

And, if you’re looking for great food while at work or somewhere to entertain clients, you can find yourself dining in some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. If you’re looking to rent space in one of the energy efficient, green buildings, entrepreneurs might find themselves in an office off Turbot Street or Santos place where businesses operate off a flexible business model.

Why Brisbane is Attracting Entrepreneurs 

Brisbane is a favourite of entrepreneurs for a number of reasons. With a growing, diverse population, this city is catching up with some of the other bigger fish in the pond.

In economic potential alone, those on the hunt for office space in this market will find rents to be not only affordable, business owners will also find they do not have to sacrifice price for quality. And, when you’re starting out in business you need to take every advantage you can get.

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