Deployment of Mobile Intelligence solution

Deployment of Mobile Intelligence solution

This phase is when he performs App deployment of Mobile Intelligence in the production environment. Keep in mind that Lantares, to avoid inconvenience to the customer, prevent errors and avoid risks, all the construction phase has been done in a non-production environment, good development environment, either a test environment, unused in If any production servers. But the moment the customer gives his approval, is the solution to the production environment transferred.

Making the transfer of the Mobile Intelligence solution production environment

To implement the deployment of Mobile Intelligence solution is necessary to follow the following steps:

Establishment of the automatic charge of launching the loading: to make possible the implementation in real conditions and schedule data refresh cycles.

Transfer the productive environment: here is already implemented Mobile Intelligence App in the operating environment, in the production server finally.

Creating users and user groups: This step relates to the definition of individual user profiles, setting access levels and the determination of appropriate restrictions and authorizations.

Delivery from end users: the time each user to customize the tool in its own way, choosing the features they want to give more priority and placing them in the most important and fastest access areas. The strategic partner will accompany you in this process, to guide them in their choices by providing the expertise to help to improve your user experience.

Go to “Support” solutions: This step involves entering the next phase. The tests have been completed and any matter relating to the system will be resolved by the maintenance area. They will be responsible from now to give the necessary support, answer questions and provide remote support by different means.

When users give the ok key, delivery of documentation by the project team, comprising becomes:

  • List of available users.
  • Document support methodology: in which explains where to turn or the right to contact for any questions that may arise medium. This document also includes the answer key, which is a guide that compiles the most frequently asked questions with their solutions.

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