Data visualization: the ally of your mind

Data visualization the ally of your mind

Spreadsheets limit the power of your imagination, you had noticed? Quite the opposite happens with the data visualization, which becomes an ally of the human mind, enhancing their creativity. Much more if carried out in combination with the potential of big data.

Do not forget that, according to research scientist Professor Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT, the amount of data traversing the Internet every second is bigger than all the data stored on the network more than two decades no.

The facts speak for themselves:

The human brain is incapable of processing more than one value simultaneously, try finding it absolutely impossible with thousands, millions or billions.

These are the volumes in which the information is available to apply to business practices, impacting its direction and vision is.

The data visualization power of imagination in the way people consume corporate data, transforming from the interaction, to the results.

Data visualization: essential

The data visualization is the representation of information in a graphical format you want:

1. Simplify data values.

2. Promote understanding.

3. Facilitate communication.

The application of techniques of data visualization helps the business user can use the information intuitively, without specifying advanced technical knowledge. Among the pictorial means put at the service of the human brain in this form of displaying information are:

  • Pie charts.
  • Line diagrams.
  • Tree diagrams or bubbles.
  • Heat maps.

The data displays are a very advanced full support to complex analysis, to allow you to get an idea of what happened, to predict what might happen and explore the consequences of all possible actions. All this quickly and easily.

A data visualization solves the limitations of spreadsheets, by which, it is not possible, it is not feasible, it is not practical to visually represent the amount of data that is collected on every aspect to analyze or take into account making business decisions.

Its introduction helps prevent:

Misuse of space: on paper, spreadsheets would be like piles of paper stacked considerable size on the bench.

The loss of time: in charge of assimilating its contents lose countless hours poring over millions of rows of data and probably many more need to get to the heart of the matter.

The errors that cause deviations: talk about the reliability of a spreadsheet is a very committed, even the most scrupulous organizations subject.

However, the main value of this way of working with the information has to do with its quality of being the ideal complement of a human brain. Allied with him, data visualization uses colors, shapes and uses modes of distribution of content areas that activate the human mind where imagination resides.

The result is a much more creative and capable of ensuring value-generating experience where it’s easy to find the right solution to every problem more proactive interpretation.

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