Data management strategy, needs and business rules

Data management strategy, needs and business rules

To define a data strategy must define a number of functions that make possible its joint around the business rules and the specific needs of the organization. The nine suggested in previous posts refer to management:

  • Data architecture, analysis and design.
  • Database.
  • Data security.
  • Data Quality.
  • Master data and integration.
  • Data Warehouse and Business Analytics.
  • Documents, records and content.
  • Metadata.
  • Big Data.

These nine functions should always be interconnected by a function of government data, to try them:

  • The vision and alignment.
  • Policies and tools.
  • The roles and responsibilities.
  • The definition of processes and program management.

Thus, each of the functions may independently and simultaneously on the whole, moving towards its premises and objectives, to be achieved through various activities:

  • Planning: to establish tactical and strategic course of other management activities.
  • Control: in charge of supervision in continuous mode.
  • Development: where are included all those involved in the analysis, design, construction, testing and deployment.
  • Implementation that will be responsible for service and support.

We can not forget that, as part of the strategy, together with these functions cohabit certain environmental elements that are manifested in different roles exercised by the people who make up the organization and they share a goal that can be identified with the vision mission and business, business principles, guidelines and best practices adopted by the company, the strategic objectives and also to the specific.

These roles and responsibilities are included in different cultural processes taking place in the corporate breast. Therefore, as these elements coexist with those functions, define a strategy regarding the management of data will be easier and more efficient, and will pay off in the actions taken by the company; fact that provides a final key, fundamental to success in the definition of corporate strategy data management.

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