Construction of Mobile Intelligence App: transactional forms

Construction of Mobile Intelligence App transactional forms

The construction of the Mobile Intelligence App requires certain accessories that allow users to take full advantage of the condition of mobility. Precisely in this line are the transactional forms, to which the task of building the App needs to be developed two aspects:

  • Construction of data models (write fields).
  • Definition of the transactional processes that record or update data.

The perfect complements to the APP Mobile Intelligence

With the App Mobile Intelligence building reports and dashboards complete, the user has the ability to display information and navigate. However, the complete data interaction is somewhat restricted.

In this phase you need to develop add-ons that perfected the App and improve the user experience, allowing you to squeeze the most mobility. To do this:

  • Following the guidelines for the layout, the data entry forms are built including business concepts that meet the needs of users.
  • Access to electronic data capture device (camera, recorder, etc.) are also provided, if necessary, to meet the needs of capturing images and bar codes, among other possibilities.

Among the transactional processes that the user will have access from your mobile device are surveys at street level, the Forecasts, stock inventory, a budget, the result of a business visit, etc.

When concludes the construction of this add approval by key users, which coincides with the deposit of a deliverable, which refers to the part of the system that handles all transactions area it occurs and no It is other than the APP Mobile Intelligence and transactional functionalities court.

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