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Why Entrepreneurs Favour Office Space in Brisbane

Space in Brisbane

Australia’s landscape is teeming with possibilities for anyone craving adventure. For business owners on the hunt for appropriate office space, you could brave the high rents in Sydney or Melbourne’s increasingly competitive market, however, Australia has so many other great places to set up. Brisbane is, not only Queensland’s capital…

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Benefits of implementing a point-of-sale system


Would you like to know how to automate your business and have it organized by controlling Sales, Rebates, Daily Sales Reports, and Stock? Currently, a Point of Sale System in Businesses has replaced cash registers due to many reasons of functionality and easy use, helping to provide detailed information for…

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What to do when the internet goes down?


So, your internet is down and you are left with no juicy updates, social media chats and no YouTube! Do not panic, and take a deep breath… the solutions to get back online are very easy. Instead of cursing your internet provider or your device, follow these few steps and…

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Human Appeal receives support for flour distribution


Humanitarian charity Human Appeal has received overwhelming support from Green Lane Masjid – a mosque and community centre based in Birmingham. The non-profit charity has been given a generous £1,234,000, with the funds raised going towards its flour distribution project in Syria. Described by the charity’s Chief Executive Othman Moqbel…

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Tips For Safely Relocating Retail Furniture Displays


Whether reorganizing your local furniture business for a cleaner and more appealing layout or moving your shop from one location to another, it’s important to take diligent care when lifting your furniture displays. Not only is there significant risk of causing damage to these costly items, but there’s also the…

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Using a Background in Nursing to Start a Creative Company

nursing career

In the medical industry, there are boundless opportunities for experienced professionals to take their knowledge and use it to create companies geared toward aiding patients and other medical professionals. Nurses are able to identify areas in the field that lack creativity, such as with drab medical equipment and monotown hospital…

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Britain Has the Best Income Tax Scheme

Take a quick look at the income tax law in Britain and it is easy to conclude that the government is charging too much. Compared to income tax in other countries, the maximum amount of income tax in Britain is indeed quite high. Workers are expected to pay up to…

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Developing Your Emotional IQ Is Important

According to a recent study by the University of Maryland, students today are required to develop more than just their intelligence. Universities and top courses are starting to add classes designed to help students grow their emotional intelligence, EI, as well. There is a particularly good reason behind this shift….

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Genius Criminal Justice Apps Will Change the Industry


There’s millions and millions of applications that mobile phone users can sync up within minutes, but fairly few have anything to do with criminal justice, at least not directly. Of course, there’s well known apps such as Apple’s Find My iPhone program which helps iPhone owners keep tabs on their…

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