Mobile Intelligence

Deployment of Mobile Intelligence solution

This phase is when he performs App deployment of Mobile Intelligence in the production environment. Keep in mind that Lantares, to avoid inconvenience to the customer, prevent errors and avoid risks, all the construction phase has been done in a non-production environment, good development environment, either a test environment, unused…

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Five Tips to deploy Mobile Intelligence

The mobility applied to information access and analysis of data pertaining to BI facilitates better decisions in less time, which results in more efficient processes and higher productivity through the ability to access information from site anytime. To incorporate a Mobile Intelligence solution and take competitive advantage of a more…

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Six Keys to put a solution in place Mobile Intelligence

Reports and Dashboards : initial phase of construction of the application. First constructed data models (Data Warehouse, Datamart, customer tables …) according to the pattern of need for information and their corresponding loading processes. You need to know what data is accessed, what’s available and where they are. The next…

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