Information Management

Andrew Argue Online Class Price: Is The Cost Worth It?

online class

Have you taken the time to look up reviews of Andrew Argue online on YouTube or on social media? If so, you’ve probably seen a lot about how much his courses cost and his business consulting fees. If you’ve gotten varied results, that’s because Andrew Argue custom tailors his prices…

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Executive Information Systems (EIS)

An Information System Executive or Executive Information System is a software tool based on a DSS, which provides managers with easy access to internal and external information of your company, and that is relevant to their key success factors. The main purpose is that the executive has available a complete…

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Balanced Scorecard, a strategic issue

The balanced scorecard is not just a tool but a whole strategy that, properly implemented, offers much more than tactical and operational reports. To that transcends its potential, it is necessary to establish a management process to be controlled effectively, the center will be the scorecard, and which must be…

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Data Integration

On a day to day organizations are automating processes and recording data separately, but facing the analytic world is necessary to acquire a single view. This is where comes in data integration, one of the keys to the data management Data Warehouse projects , which does correlate the different areas…

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Master Data Management

Speaking of the keys to managing data in data warehouse projects is to do Master Data Management (MDM). The MDM is a key step in the integration processes to meet the need of unifying, essential in the analytic world. We can not forget that, ultimately, they are collecting data from…

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