Why Cash Flow is the Lifeblood of any Business


It does not matter what type of company you run getting your cash flow right is vital. Every year, tens of thousands of firms go out of business simply because they run out of money. Sometimes, these companies are actually profitable entities. Often, they only go bankrupt because they do…

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What an Accountant Can Do for Your Company


Hiring an accountant for your London business is a big step but it can save you a lot of worry, frustration, and money. Their professional attention to details will give you reports and documentation that is free from errors and that will be submitted efficiently for your business. Are you…

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New bank deposits: advantages and disadvantages

One of the concerns of conservative saver that has brought together several thousand euros in his bank account is how to extract the maximum return, make their money work while not need to spend. To do this, you must know not only the classic choices such as deposits or savings…

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Social microcredit: how to order them?

People who are unemployed, in social emergency or who want to make their way in life still have a last chance to enter the market of private financing through social microcredits. These products allow acquire up to 25,000 euros, with very favorable conditions: lower interest rates, demands not as hard…

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Farewell to the double fee for taking money out of the bank!

Banks will no longer receive double commission charged to some users to use the ATM to withdraw cash. The most immediate effect is that, from now, card holders will not have to pay these fees to the entities cashiers but, on the contrary, can do to issuers of “plastic”. And…

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Find The Credit Repair Companies You Should Be Using

credit repair

When it comes to credit repair, we already know how difficult it can be to get a significant improvement to our score. But it is possible, and there are some companies that do a great job at improving your credit score, for a nominal fee of course. The key is…

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