Data Visualization

How to Create Product Labels

Product Labels

The packaging is a very important part of any product since it differentiates it from the competition, it identifies a brand and makes a product more appealing to the buyer. A very important part of the packaging is the label, as it gives not only additional information but the statutory…

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How to Edit Photos with the Movavi Photo Studio

image edit

Most people tend to take photos on a daily basis nowadays, whether it is to preserve precious moments, upload to social media or use for work purposes. In order to make photos look as perfect as possible however, a certain amount of editing is normally required – and that is…

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Data visualization: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Various studies show that the brain processes images sixty thousand times faster than the text. Therefore, and for many other reasons, the data display is e l final step in the work of big data analysis. The timing of representation of visual knowledge gained from his analysis implies, with regard…

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Intelligent Data Visualization

Big data a while ago that are accessible. All we can store, work, analyzing … It seems that the boundaries are blurred and now the challenge is to find ways of displaying information in the most useful way possible. One way of viewing data can be adapted perfectly to the…

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Data visualization: the ally of your mind

Spreadsheets limit the power of your imagination, you had noticed? Quite the opposite happens with the data visualization, which becomes an ally of the human mind, enhancing their creativity. Much more if carried out in combination with the potential of big data. Do not forget that, according to research scientist…

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How data visualization can improve the customer experience

For any business model, the customer experience becomes a critical point in the consideration of its value chain. Improve the customer experience equals, in most cases, to obtain a higher degree of satisfaction and consequently improve company image and stay ahead of potential competition having the client as an ally….

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Data visualization smart cities projects

Draft smart cities or smart cities are booming, with reference role is not limited to the design and implementation of intelligent technology solutions for the most comfortable, accessible and friendly cities: its influence reaches even to reach areas as different from each other as urban planning or designing new policies…

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Advantages of data visualization for food traceability

The data visualization becomes key in lots of activities and related data analytics tasks. But these are not the only areas of application visualization tools; as we have seen on other occasions, the range of possibilities is so wide and varied. Since artistic and cultural applications, to improve mobility in…

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