Data Management

Facts Should Consider When Selecting A Data Warehouse

Big data

In previous article which is raised in general terms a data warehouse or data warehouse, and identified some of the most important benefits that companies perceive investment when implementing a central data system. In this blog, we will identify five factors that the firm should consider when selecting a system of…

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Data traceability

In these times, with increasing frequency, it is necessary to know the trace ability of the data. The reasons that push companies to have this need when planning the management of data in data warehouse projects are not only prevention or to make easy troubleshooting simplify its correction, but also…

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The relationship between quality and data security

The quality and security of data are two essential qualities in data management strategy of any company. So it is essential to provide data of these two properties from even the preliminary phase of implementation of a data management system. The technical quality management of data measured and evaluated by…

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Big Data and data management in the company

Big Data is a value for the companies, but their use, which follows a market imperative rather than a necessity, requires the presence of Hadoop, only realistic data management solution, also to take into account in projects Data Warehouse. Big Data is to be incorporated into the business environment and…

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Analytics in Data Warehouse projects

The business intelligence is one of the key data management in data warehouse projects. When it comes to defining the concepts of business intelligence and business analytics, can be interesting to focus on the definition of intelligence, which is nothing but “the ability to understand the interrelationships of presented facts…

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