Business intelligence, open your eyes

Business intelligence, open your eyes

Business Intelligence in the business today

There are four main challenges that the systems of business intelligence must face today.

1. High costs : BI has evolved and expanded. Any business has its tool of Business Intelligence, which carries an expense associated with the cost of technology, maintenance and the chosen application itself.

2. Increase the number of users : the number of business users is increasing dramatically as regards to BI. No longer are specialized or scientific data analysts but especially to start moving in the field of operational intelligence, many users, less technical profiles other together and precisely therefore require more support from a viewpoint of implementation.

3. New sources of data in the area of Business Intelligence Operational there is an increased number of available data sources, which are used in sophisticated applications, which differ from traditional forms, more strategic or tactical BI. This does not mean that the need for traditional BI decreases or weakens, but reveals the need to extend BI architectures to embrace these new areas and be willing to squeeze its possibilities.

4. The need for increased performance: to be considered as a major focus, be crucial to speed the response time for many queries operational intelligence, and so in cases where it is to be used to support the consultations over strategic execution. It is an environment of mixed workload, which can cause a performance problem (related to scalability) if no solutions are planned.

The focus of Business Intelligence

Success in the process of adapting the business intelligence to the new reality is a matter of focus. To advance safe, follow the following premises:

  • Use BI as a roadmap for each new project.
  • From a strong technological base, which remains necessary.
  • Primar a disciplined approach, it guarantees consistency, reliability and reusability.
  • Avoid creating departmental silos and strive to seek the integration options.

The architecture is built on the Business Intelligence is essential to achieve the desired focus, therefore, should be:

  • Based on logic and always adaptable in terms of the physical implementation.
  • Enhancing productivity.
    Promoter of data reuse.
  • Key piece in the exchange of data and analysis results.
  • Generating efficiency in the processes of data quality and data integration.

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