Business Intelligence for all democratization announced

Business Intelligence for all democratization announced

Democratization of Business Intelligence and analytics business is today a verifiable fact. The adoption of BI systems by small and medium enterprises, and the implementation of own business intelligence and other human endeavors fields (science, education, public administration …) tools are proof of how Business Intelligence, in recent times, he has managed to exceed its natural levels of implementation by becoming an ally with virtually universal jurisdiction to everyone.

The whys of democratizing Business Intelligence

The reasons why the business intelligence and business analytics have managed to gain a foothold beyond its original context are varied, but can be summarized as follows:

Ease of use : BI solution developers have sought at all times, while providing answers to the new analytical and technological needs of organizations, tools simplify and improve accessibility; this, together with the possibility of having expert advice at an affordable cost has opened the doors of Business Intelligence to all types of companies, even those that do not have an IT department or specialists on staff.

More customization : the future of Business Intelligence aims to specialization, especially the sectoral specialization ; therefore, the process of adaptation of BI platforms to the unique needs of individual organizations is simpler, easier and accomplished more quickly, at lower cost and diminishing curve learning. To this, one must add more and better alignment of business intelligence solutions to the specific requirements of each activity, whether or not strictly business.

Universal digitization : nothing said so far would make sense if the need for BI solutions were not, also, increasingly universal. The progressive and unstoppable digitization of virtually all areas of life has imposed the need for management and analysis tools that allow weather the new challenges arising in this context.

Have specialized training and tools available to all has also helped to publicize the benefits of business intelligence beyond its traditional area of application. Resources like the ones we can find in the section Publications and Studies of the same site, with eBooks available completely free to address key questions about many aspects of BI, and allow deeper understanding of instruments and tools until recently only to scope of expert hands.

To all this, of course, we have to add the demands of a market each day more fragmented, more competition and evolving in relation to the demands of consumers.

In conclusion, the more quantity and variety of data that need to be analyzed more accessible and affordable technologies, and tailored to the specific needs of each sector tools are, broadly speaking, the basic ingredients of the formula for success and democratization of Business Intelligence.

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