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Online loan business sees expansive growth internationally

online finance

Wonga has experienced significant growth in territories including South Africa over recent years. The company, which offers a vast range of services to borrowers and businesses has described its growth as “beyond expectations”. The company formed in 2007 in the UK to offer short-term loans to people turned down elsewhere…

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How to Edit Photos with the Movavi Photo Studio

image edit

Most people tend to take photos on a daily basis nowadays, whether it is to preserve precious moments, upload to social media or use for work purposes. In order to make photos look as perfect as possible however, a certain amount of editing is normally required – and that is…

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Why Cash Flow is the Lifeblood of any Business


It does not matter what type of company you run getting your cash flow right is vital. Every year, tens of thousands of firms go out of business simply because they run out of money. Sometimes, these companies are actually profitable entities. Often, they only go bankrupt because they do…

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What an Accountant Can Do for Your Company


Hiring an accountant for your London business is a big step but it can save you a lot of worry, frustration, and money. Their professional attention to details will give you reports and documentation that is free from errors and that will be submitted efficiently for your business. Are you…

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How to Target Millennials in iGaming Marketing


It is increasingly clear that millennials must play a key part in your igaming business otherwise you will lose out to your competition. It seems like every day you hear that millennials are the key to your company’s success – millennials who bring with them youth, tech-savviness and confidence; these…

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Important Steps You should Take when You Suffer an Injury at Work


At the workplace, procedures should always be put in place to prevent accidents and unhappy incidents which can lead to injury – and this is determined by law, especially in the United Kingdom. These procedures include placing the proper warning signs, implementing the correct safety processes, and ensuring the proper…

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What Materials Should You Take to a Trade Show?

trade show

If you take the time to plan what you want to take to the next trade show that you visit, you’ll find that you are more relaxed and prepared to handle the large amount of traffic that will be coming by your booth. Make a list, ask employees for assistance…

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