Analytics in Data Warehouse projects

Analytics in Data Warehouse projects

The business intelligence is one of the key data management in data warehouse projects. When it comes to defining the concepts of business intelligence and business analytics, can be interesting to focus on the definition of intelligence, which is nothing but “the ability to understand the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.”

However, on the basis that already has a repository of information, structured for quick and easy reading oriented decisions; operating layer should allow to understand the concepts and methods so that it is possible to improve the processes of strategic analysis, decision making and undertaking of business activities by using fact-based support systems.

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence choosing solutions applied to data management projects DWH

In the market you can find different BI solutions that will answer, depending on its value, technological level and strategic support to all or part of the needs analysis of the company. According to their level of complexity, Business Intelligence solutions can be classified into:

  • Scorecards
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Predefined Reports
  • Reports as
  • Consultations (Query) / OLAP Cubes (On-Line Analytic Processing).
  • Alerts
  • Analysis
  • Statistic analysis
  • Forecasts (Forecasting)
  • Predictive Modeling and Data Mining (Data Mining)
  • Optimization
  • Mining Process

All these alternatives define the purpose of any data warehouse project, which is none other than achieving exploit the information available through the right components that optimize responsiveness, representing supported by accurate information, data integrity, consistent and complete; to facilitate analytical processes at different organizational levels that are required and always under identical conditions of quality. The choice of the BI solution must take account of appropriate business needs.

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