April 2016

Reasons to invest in Business Intelligence

According to an article by Gartner Research, lack of knowledge is the greatest threat to modern businesses. To do this, point, “the goal of Business Intelligence is to eliminate the guesswork and ignorance in business environments, taking advantage of the vast volumes of quantitative data that companies collect every day…

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Practical examples of Business Intelligence

Below is a series of real examples (summarized) Business Intelligence: Canning company This case concerns one of the largest canneries in Galicia, with an international presence, more than 500 employees and about € 100,000,000 billing. Although the canning industry is well known seasonality of sales (consumption of canned tuna fires…

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Executive Information Systems (EIS)

An Information System Executive or Executive Information System is a software tool based on a DSS, which provides managers with easy access to internal and external information of your company, and that is relevant to their key success factors. The main purpose is that the executive has available a complete…

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Difference between data, information and knowledge

What differentiates the knowledge of the data and information? In an informal conversation, the three terms are often used interchangeably and this can lead to a free interpretation of the concept of knowledge. Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate the terms to be thinking that the data are located in…

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Why Business Intelligence?

The ability to make accurate business decisions and quickly has become a key for a company to reach success. However, traditional information systems (like most management programs, custom applications, and even the most sophisticated ERP), often have a very inflexible structure for this purpose. Although its design adapts more or…

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Online loan business sees expansive growth internationally

online finance

Wonga has experienced significant growth in territories including South Africa over recent years. The company, which offers a vast range of services to borrowers and businesses has described its growth as “beyond expectations”. The company formed in 2007 in the UK to offer short-term loans to people turned down elsewhere…

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